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Why Collette Health? It's Simple.

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Elevate patient safety and clinical outcomes with Collette Health, the leading provider of innovative virtual care solutions. Our comprehensive suite of services includes the next generation of high-acuity virtual care, empowering healthcare teams to proactively identify and intervene, prevent falls and adverse events, and improve patient experience scores. 

Trusted by over 150 hospitals and 12 of the top US health systems, Collette Health delivers unparalleled results, with over 83,000 falls prevented to date and a rated in Best in KLAS. Partner with Collette Health today to transform patient safety and clinical care delivery.

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The Power Of Collette Health

Keep Patients Safe at the Bedside

360-degree, always-there patient virtual observation reduces the chance of adverse events. Proactively respond to patient needs in a way that improves nurse retention and satisfaction. 

Reduce Barriers to Patient Care

Collette Health empowers hospital staff to reduce care gaps with real-time communication, including text-to-speech in over 70 voice-over languages and American Sign Language. 2-way audio and video connect caregivers to patients supported by a network of over 150 hospitals and 12 top-rated health systems nationwide. 

Support Care with Advanced Analytics

Validate observation outcomes with predictive utilization data and trends, including fall incidence, intervention performance, and emergency response times.

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"Collette Health is a welcomed resource that allows us to ‘be in two places at once.’ Families feel like they have more flexibility because they know their family member is being watched closely by a care team member."

Zachary Mogel, RN and Clinical Manager—Nursing Support and Reid Health

"Our team as found Collette Health useful for patient safety, staff safety, family dynamics, patient companionship (our patients interact well with the monitoring techs), and most recently the system has been utilized for observing the donning and doffing PPE. The team at Collette Health are amazing to work with. They are communicative and supportive."

Sonya Wood-Johnson, DNP, RN-BC, CSSGB and Director of Quality and Performance Improvement at Good Shepherd Penn Partners

"I truly cannot imagine a better experience. Our patients are safe, our clinicians are happier, and everything is fully rolled out. It was incredible to see it all come together and we are so happy to be using Collette Health!"

Kristin Brandt, Clinical Project Lead at CentraCare

"Collette Health positively improves patient safety. Through continuous remote monitoring, it prevents diverting staff resources to do one-on-one observations, which allows more staff on the unit. Families also have comfort in knowing their loved one is being closely monitored."

Ardelle Bigos MSN, RN, CMSRN, NE-BC, Chief Nursing Officer | Geneva General Hospital

Why Choose Virtual Care?


1. Enhanced Patient Safety: Prevents falls and adverse events in hospitals.
2. Cost Savings: Reduces expenses associated with patient incidents.
3. Adaptable Care: Meets evolving healthcare demands effectively.
4. Expert High-Acuity Care: Offers specialized solutions for complex patient needs.
5. Staffing Efficiency: Addresses staffing challenges, optimizing resource use.

See the Virtual Care Difference In Action

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