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Virtual Care’s Impact On Innovative Team Nursing Models

A study on the future of team-based nursing models for increasing patient and clinician satisfaction.

The beginning of 2020 introduced numerous challenges that would spark indefinite change in the healthcare landscape for clinicians and patients alike. Half of RNs and LPNs surveyed in 2022 reported feeling “used up”, burned out, and fatigued on a near-daily basis. The mass exodus of clinicians from the profession resulted in a severe nursing shortage that has significantly impacted patient care. 

This report highlights how the addition of critical technology such as virtual observation improves the satisfaction of nurses, specifically touching on:

  • Patient safety
  • Staffing agility, turnover, and retention
  • Productivity
  • Learning opportunities
  • Remote work

Download the free white paper to learn how virtual observation is powering the next generation of nursing.